The Selfie Pod Review

The-Selfie-Pod-Review-by-Scott-GrenneyEvery now and then a new gadget comes along which makes people go “ohhh”. I’ve seen various people using the Selfie Pod and had a go on it myself. It’s pretty funky and fun to use!

Initial reactions to the Selfie Pod usually start with a confused expression on people’s faces. This quickly turns into a broad smile & a laughter on seeing a selfie being taken and then the curiosity kicks in… Questions get asked. “How does it work, How much are they, Where can I get one of the Selfie Pods…”

It’s amazing how the Selfie Pod, nothing more than a lightweight extendable arm topped with an attachment to fit most smartphones & small cameras like a GoPro can cause such an impact. In group situations, it’s a sure fire way to get the group talking and interacting.

Here’s a look at the Selfie Pod in action…


Neil demonstrating the Selfie Pod


Group giving the Selfie Pod a try


Photo taken by a Selfie Pod, wide angle shots

Wait! What’s a Selfie?!


A ‘g’day’ for a selfie 😉

A ‘Selfie’ is a term used to describe the taking of a self portrait photograph on a mobile/smart phone at an  arm’s length. It has become so popular the term ‘Selfie’ was even named the official Oxford Dictonaries word of the year for 2013!

You may have stretched your arm out to take one yourself, been dragged into a photo by friends screaming “Let’s take a selfie!” or seen completely random people sticking their arm out as far as they can whilst staring at their camera to capture the perfect shot… Wherever you turn you won’t go long without seeing, reading or hearing about a ‘Selfie’.

The Selfie Pod


The Selfie Pod – Attachment attaches firmly to your smart phone on the end of a high quality stainless steel pole

The first thing that surprised me was the quality, the stainless steel pole extends to 92cm in length, but remains solid and easy to move around. The Clasp around the phone lifts up and secures the phone nicely to ensure it won’t come loose when high up in the air.

The Selfie Pod is available in a range of colours including: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Green & White.

There are a number of ways to use the Selfie Pod and this is the fun part, it acts as a sort of puzzle. Which angle should you tilt the phone, how far should you extend… practice makes perfect and you’ll have fun on the way trying!

Not only photos, the Selfie Pod opens up a new world in video capture. Here’s a video example of Neil capturing a video during a recent music even on the Plymouth Barbican (see below).

Along with group selfie shots I’ve also found the Selfie Pod useful in getting unique shots of rooms to show off on websites. Twist the camera attachment around 180 degrees, extend pole and pop up into the corner of a room for a nice wide shot.

But how do you time the shots?!

You’re probably wondering at this point how on earth you’ll take a photo if the phone is so far away on a pole!

The key is using a timer, most phones have them built in, or there is a range of Apps you can install to add a timer function. For example:

Android Phones – Most phones have a built in timer, select your front camera and in your settings add a timer of 2 seconds, which will be more than enough to press camera, extend pole, lineup and smile!

If you need a more advanced timer there are a number on the Google Play Store (If you recommend any please let me know).

iPhones – Download the easy to use ‘Timer Cam’ from iTunes store.


I’d tip this as a perfect gift for someone, especially with the run up to Christmas. If you are looking for something unique and fun, look no further than the Selfie Pod 🙂

Retail Price: £9.99

See to order your Selfie Pod online